European ECONOMIC OUTLOOK 2022/23

ECONOMIC FORECAST for 2022 and 2023

The Economic Outlook produced by EuCham innovates the economic forecast field by consolidating and aggregating a multitude of other notable studies and projections. It synthesizes in a single result the different estimates of hundreds of economists and researchers from IMF, World Bank, OECD, European Central Bank, European Commission, United Nations, and many other distinct institutions, thus generating a safer prediction structure. Combining and integrating often dissimilar and unassociated views of diverse institutions which may have access to distinct and unofficial information, it aims at computing the best assessments regarding upcoming times. The purpose of the new Economic Outlook is to reduce uncertainty about the future, allowing private and public entities to make better decisions and prepare for the time ahead.

The latest Economic Outlook was published on 24 Nov 2022 -->

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The aggregated forecast of EuCham provide relevant perspectives, considering short- and long-term trends for both developed and emerging economies in Europe. Consolidating multiple forecasts in one summerizin result, it allows decision makers to rely on a outlook which combines experience and knowledge of many different institutions.

In providing forecasts and assessments for all European countries, the research exclusively collects and analyzes data from reliable organizations.

MAIN Sources

UN - United Nations, IMF - International Monetary Fund, World Bank, OECD, ECB - European Central Bank, EC - European Commission, Bank of China, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Asian Development Bank, Eurasian Development Bank, Business Europe, Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, UniCredit, ING, KBC Group, Commerzbank, Trading Economics, FocusEconomics, Atradius, Allianz, Coface, European Commission Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre, EKN - Swedish National Export Credit Agency, Central Bank of Malta, Statistics Iceland, Islandsbanki, etc.


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EuCham Research Department

  • Ms Rebecca Plattner, Project Manager -

  • Ms Eirini Zafeiri, Project Assistant Intern

  • Nihat Salamzade, Project Assistant Intern

  • Ms Feiyi Nie, Associate Researcher

Supervision: Mr Michele Orzan, Dr Patrik Kovacs, Dr Alexandra Dinya, Mr Tiberius Soltesz.


The information was gathered from multiple resources. Majority of data has been retrieved from countries’ government websites, researchers’, and institutions' official pages. The editors are not responsible for errors regarding institutions that did not answer/contribute to the research.