COVID-19 Vaccines Comparison

The table below compares several known COVID-19 vaccines. It contains information retrieved from multiple sources*, on vaccines' origin, efficacy, price per dose, storage/transport requirements, shelf life, notes, etc. The editors do not endorse, nor recommend any vaccine over another.

COVID-19 vaccines list and comparison

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The main types of COVID-19 vaccines are:

  1. mRNA vaccines: They teach the human body how to make a protein that would consequently produce an immune response. Here is an explanation video of how it works.

  2. Adenovirus vector-based vaccines: Adenoviruses are non-enveloped, double-stranded DNA viruses. It delivers the genetic instructions for SARS-CoV-2 antigens directly into patients’ cells, thus triggering a robust immune response.

  3. Inactivated vaccines: Inactivated vaccines are composed of dead or inactivated viruses and bacteria that differ from live vaccines. They can be administered when antibodies are present in the blood.

  4. Protein vaccines: They are composed of purified or recombinant proteinaceous antigens from a pathogen, such as a virus. When administered, a protective immune response occurs against the pathogen.

  5. Live attenuated vaccines: They use a weakened form of the germ that causes a disease. Since they are similar to the original virus, they create a very strong and fast immune response.

  6. Plant based vaccines: They are a kind of recombinant vaccines that introduce antigens against particular pathogens into a plant.

  7. Peptide-based vaccines: They imply the identification of different epitopes on human cells and virus capsid and the design of peptide/peptidomimetics able to counteract the primary host-pathogen interaction to induce a specific host immune response.


The editors gathered the data on this page from multiple sources - including the developers’ or sponsors’ official pages, articles from renowned news agencies, national press pages from different countries, and Wikipedia pages of the corresponding vaccines.

The research department verified the accuracy of the data by cross-checking across these several sources. Data on this page are thus information available in more than one source.

* Sources


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EuCham Research Department


The information above was gathered from multiple sources and do not represent the views of the editors. The editors are not responsible and cannot verify the accuracy of the information disseminated by the vaccines’ developers and the press. The primary purpose of this vaccine list is to provide the general public an approximate overview of some known COVID-19 vaccines. It does not constitute any medical advice, nor is meant to endorse any of the listed vaccines in any way.