The EuCham Research Department releases new charts periodically, with rankings of European countries based on various socio-economic criteria. EuCham statistically analyzes and summarizes business and society-related data from a combination of reliable primary sources about the whole European continent (usually covering up to 46-48 countries). Based on solid primary sources, EuCham Charts are always a good base for thought-provoking statistical data.


The editors gathered the data on this page from multiple sources - including the developers’ or sponsors’ official pages, articles from renowned news agencies, national press pages from different countries, and Wikipedia pages of the corresponding vaccines.

The research department verified the accuracy of the data by cross-checking across these several sources. Data on this page are thus information available in more than one source.


UN (United Nations), IMF (International Monetary Fund), Transparency International, The European House - Ambrosetti, World Economic Forum, World Bank, UNDP, Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Heritage Foundation & Wall Street Journal, Cato Institute, Freedom House, Reporters Without Borders, The Economist Intelligence Unit, V-Dem Institute, WIPO, Legatum Institute, Cambridge University, Social Progress Imperative, SolAbility, GGGI, Global Footprint Network.

EuCham Research Department

  • Ms Rebecca Plattner, Project Manager


The information was gathered from multiple resources. Majority of data has been retrieved from countries’ government websites, researchers’, and institutions' official pages. The editors are not responsible for errors regarding institutions that did not answer/contribute to the research. In these cases, data has been gathered from other sources.